Scotch Whisky Lounge - Whisky Heaven

147 Whisky's and counting

A personal collection, made up of mainly single malt Scotch whisky, ensuring that the collection represents all the different regions in Scotland. You'll also find Irish whiskey, American Bourbon, but also includes Japanese and Taiwanese whisky.  Every Whisky reflects the character of the region where it was produced – mainly because of the unique character and taste of the regional water. 

So many labels, so many stories.

Try some new labels and tell some of your own stories. This is the place where you can find that particular whisky that suits your tastes.

A place where people can just be chilled.

Situated right next to The Highlander Restaurant, you can relax and enjoy some thing special before or after an evening meal.

Relaxed yet sophisticated atmosphere

Enjoy a spontaneous little ditty followed by a speciality  chocolate, designed for the Lounge by McKinleys.

The water of life

For the non whisky drinkers there is champagne and sparkling wine.